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Can someone call a tree doctor?

Can someone call a tree doctor?

When you see this photo what comes to mind?

What the heck happened to this tree?!” I laughed when I first saw it.  Whatever happened, It is obviously an un-natural occurrence.

“Who would do this?!”  Surely someone is responsible for the damage and neglect.

I took this picture a year or so ago on a property less than one mile from my office, but thankfully, I was not responsible for the tree.  And, the person that asked me to look at the site never mentioned the tree or expressed any concern.

Obviously, there was a lack of concern, or no one was assigned the role of watching out for the tree.  But what about the safety or the reputation of the property? I felt bad for those that pay every month for a nice property, but due to some lack of concern or oversight will lose the possibility of a beautiful shade tree.

What would you do with this tree?

Email me what you would do if this happened to tree on your campus or site.

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