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Dare we Disagree

Dare we Disagree

“Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

I prefer to give humanity the benefit of the doubt and believe most of us don’t truly enjoy disagreeing with anyone – especially at work.  After all, as a team you have one another’s back; are supportive and encouraging.  In building team unity, voicing disagreement may feel rude or seem out of place.  However, after seeing a project fail, the feeling of regret for having said nothing to challenge or oppose the set course of action may feel worse than the discomfort of voicing an honest, well-intentioned opposition.

How we disagree is as important as disagreeing itself.  Constructive disagreement can identify you as the best type of team member or leader.  Thoughtful disagreement can stop mistakes, open everyone up to new ideas and get us to the best solutions for our organization.  Thinking of the organization, speaking honestly, respectfully, clearly and listening are must-haves in a productive disagreement.

Destructive disagreement turns the focus from the team/organization toward the individual.  In these moments, it can become emotional and result in pain and discord within the team   Disagreement because of personal issues or past grudges can derail the entire system.

Often it is tempting to keep a lid on it – prevent any disagreement for fear of what it can become.  But, really good teams welcome it.  Each member is free to disagree and that freedom most often results in a sense of personal responsibility –  to treat the opportunity with respect. As a team, they grow, THINK and have thoughtful communication.  Good team members who are in it for all the right reasons want others to challenge their own thinking – to make it better – to champion the best ideas.  It takes good leadership to allow and encourage disagreement and then train them how to do it.

I know you will agree; disagreeing can add value to your team.

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