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Last week at work in our Leader-to-Leader meeting we discussed the word “enthusiasm”.

I asked the different groups to define the word and I heard, “excited, passionate, eager”. One guy said, “hooah!” and explained that was the Army’s way of showing enthusiasm.  You usually don’t see “displays enthusiasm” listed in job descriptions, but it plays a massive role in meeting production and getting results.   I found that just talking about the word and letting others voice their thoughts on it gets us to think beyond a paycheck and to our purpose – the “why” we do what we do.  It taps into the core values of everyone on the team.

When I asked all our landscaping staff who are experts in growing plants, “What do you need to grow great plants?”  They answered you need healthy soil, water, fertilizer, high quality plants, sunshine, right plant right location, TLC, knowledge, pruning, and time.

Then I asked them, “What do you need to grow great people?”  Hiring the right person came first, then encouragement, training, and attitude, make them feel wanted, involved, cared for and listened to.

Do you see the similarities? Growing plants and people aren’t so different.  Give them what they need for nourishment, and be intentional in feeding, watering and pruning.  This is how the world grows!

Organizations can’t be content with what was good yesterday – they need their people to continue thriving and growing.  In the landscape, whatever is not growing – is rotting.  When you grow your people, they will grow great plants.   Great landscape leaders focus on the environment they put their new plants in.  If needed they break up the soil, ensure they bring in top quality plants and provide the proper water, nutrients (some call this tender loving care) to thrive.  Great organizations need leaders who are pro-active and create environments in which people are cultivated to their greatest potential.  Great leaders break the plants out of the pot and massage the roots and encourage them to grow up and outward.  “Save my job” managers don’t see the value in growing and as we see in the landscape, whatever is not growing……

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Cultivate your Greatness!


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