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Money:  The Big Distraction

Money:  The Big Distraction

According to Forbes, Garth Brooks made over 70 million dollars in 2016.  Does that mean he is more valuable than Carry Underwood who earned $26 million, or the new up and coming group Georgia Florida Line who earned 20 million?

Most Head Football Coaches make 100 times the money offered to the front-line employees at the same institution.  Does the paycheck make the coaches more valuable, more significant, or even more respected?

Seth Godin, who inspired this blog, says:

“Money is a simple metric, and one that captures a certain sort of information about value and scarcity. But it’s wildly inaccurate when it comes to measuring many of the things that actually matter to us. It can mask the emotions and moments and contributions that we work so hard on, the people that we seek to become, the contributions that we seek to make.

Profitable is not the same as important

Popular is the not the same as worthwhile

Expensive is not the same as well-done…”

Money can distract us from our real purpose.  In some instances, it can be used as an excuse: “That’s above (or below) my pay-grade!”  By doing this, we basically choose to block our natural flow of excellence.  By focusing only on the $s we opt out of becoming excellent or going beyond our perceived limitations.  And, sadly, so many people miss out on the significance – the impact – their life can hold for them and others.

When a college student, working with a full-time landscape employee for 12 weeks, tells that employee what a positive impact the last 12 weeks have been…. that is significance.   It is significant that students are drawn to attend a beautifully landscaped University and then pursue careers that save and change lives.  Or, the part-time high school student whose Dad takes the time to make an emotional call of thanks for investing in their child…. that is significance….and it is often so hard to track in a paycheck.

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