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Product vs. Process

Product vs. Process

“Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident.”
~A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

If you have ever seen the TV show The Profit starring Marcus Lemonis, you are familiar with the methods used to take struggling businesses and make them highly successful ones.  He focuses on 3 parts of the business:  People, Processes and Product.  And, with good reason.

As humans, we are always so eager to get to the product – finished and ready to ship, view, consume or use – that the product is often flawed, incomplete or otherwise undesirable.  Focusing some time and energy on process can save time, increase accuracy, money and therefore value.

Being efficient and creating processes that are efficient is a basic necessity in doing more with less.  Mowing and weed-eating are prime examples of jobs in need of a clear process – otherwise, even the smallest property can take a day or two longer than is efficient.

For example, can you move objects out of the turf grass so the mowers do not have to slow down and weed eaters do not have to mow around them?  We were able to reduce our mowing on campus from 10 days to 5 days by becoming efficient.  We designed shrub bed lines that sweep and make gentle curves that allow mowers to always move forward and not have to go in reverse.  Recently, I did a presentation where I shared over 30 ways to save time and become efficient in mowing.

If you want that handout email me now ( and put in the subject line, “Mowers”.  I will send you a copy.  Begin your excellence today.

Keep cultivating your greatness.

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