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Stakes are High

Stakes are High

In our weekly meeting last month, I asked our school’s Athletic Director, Ross Bjork, to share 10-15 minutes with our leaders.   It is always good having another respected voice to encourage and assist in the growing greatness on our team.  Ross talked a lot about going through adversity and drawing closer together as a team.    The overall message left our team encouraged and confirming their role in making the campus beautiful.  They heard that their role is important; they help provide good first impressions and set the tone for any student’s college visit.

The most important thing you can do on a regular basis is invest in the minds and hearts of your team.  The voice we listen to most is our own.  It is constantly talking to us throughout the day.  That voice needs encouragement to keep a positive attitude that allows us to work better as a team.  We need to feed our mind and core beliefs.

Even really good teams know they can be better.  Each member should be getting better – every day.  Complacency, inefficiencies, lack of motivation can drive up cost and put you out of business.  Do you know anyone whose job has gotten outsourced?  Or maybe an independent contractor whose services were brought back in-house?

I say all this to say, even the most solid job is vulnerable these days.  Yesterday, I had the privilege of visiting with our local Caterpillar Corporation staff here in Oxford.  I shared 10 advance copies of my new book, Growing Weeders into Leaders with their team members.  For years, this Caterpillar location has produced high-end, heavy duty industrial grade couplings for large equipment for all around the world.  A few years ago, they invited me to share with their frontline leadership.  At that time, they employed 100 people.  This year, they are closing.  Jobs are being lost and the future is uncertain for many who work there.  If good, productive shops are closing down, what does that mean for the rest of us?  It means the inner voice must be true…..It means our teams must best their best…..It means the stakes are at an all-time high.

Grow the people who grow the plants and cultivate your greatness every day.


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